Tuesday, April 05, 2011

千九百四十四: 桜

Sakura at Shukugawa Park

Signed up for French lessons today (kinda fast even though I was still deciding last night). And got myself a new pair of running shoes from Adidas to replace my current adizero Breeze, which has its soles coming apart - to a pair of adizero Mana 5. I tried running with it today - feels pretty good! It was a good price too; I had around 2500yen off from a discount card, so got the shoes at around S$100. It's quite scary buying running shoes because I always dunno what's the right size. I thought my adidas size is 24.5 and Nike is 24, because I bought a pair sized 24 from adidas and it turned out to be too tight for running.. (or my toes grew longer?! can't believe how come I could wear it at the store) and today's 24.5 turned out to be too big (almost slipping off my feet when I ran) and I tried on size 24 and it fit.. but was quite traumatized by my pair of mana at home that i couldn't wear... so bought it half reluctantly.. Luckily this one turned out to be ok (Lesson learned : always leave a half toe space in the running shoes you buy!).

Am running a little more daily to try to cure/rehabilitate the ITB problem, seems to be working, it hurts in the morning when I wake up but the distance I can run daily until the point where it hurts is increasing too. Hopefully by next week it will be 10km?? looking forward to the Nike Run Club session this weekend! & i signed up for the Gold Coast Marathon (half marathon) - no confidence for full yet, but since I can upgrade the run category at the race expo, will evaluate what I can do again after sundown.

Not much work mood these few days.. feeling quite sluggish. Maybe partly due to the pain and the running - i realise pain takes up alot of energy... hopefully this negative energy sapping pain will be gone soon!!


Blogger Pierre BOYER said...

Very nice...

10:48 pm GMT+8  
Blogger zhing said...

great picture! :)

10:21 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

thanks! :D

10:01 pm GMT+8  
Blogger 康華 said...

So beautiful~

8:24 am GMT+8  

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