Friday, January 21, 2011

千九百三十七: Impulse

my favourite ラーメン from 一風堂!

It's been another long week. & it's the 3rd night this year that I'm home alone. 3 nights in 3 weeks - 49 more to come?! sighz. but I'm kind of resigned to the fact that Friday will never be date night in Japan because friday is Tokyo day for Ryo. I'm swamped with work 4 projects in total & I've barely anytime for myself.

On some sort of weird impulse while discussing the GC marathon, I signed up for Sundown full marathon. I wanted to sign up for half marathon to prepare for GC.. but it was already full registration.. then J said join full lor.. and i was like .. ok wth, GC will be full marathon anyway, I should be ready by then.. and i did it. Meaning that I have to be ready to run a half marathon by March! & i signed up for one in Osaka today as well. on the spur of the moment. sighz. well... what's done is done, at least I have all the time i want in Japan to train with not much of a social life. Good luck to me!!!

At least work is the only thing on my mind during my waking hours; tu me manques..


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