Friday, January 07, 2011

千九百三十五: First week of 2011

the shrine's 柴犬 sniffing around - why do dogs do that??

It's been a hectic first week. I'm feeling a little like the dog in the pic, sniffing around alot cos of the cold and feeling kind of lost.

I've been piled too many things on for work and I'm starting to get tired of idiots who refuse to learn / step up. But as I'm typing this, I remember Xinhuan's philosophy about not writing negative stuff cos why should we put down the bad things in our blogs and remember these bad events for eternity?? so I am now trying to think about good stuff that happened this week.

1. Snow snow snow! First time I seen so much snow in Kobe/Osaka. Snow that actually you can feel on your face! but of course it's too weak to pile up so no snowman pictures..
2. Signed up for french class - I don't know if it was a good move because it means I can't sleep in on all Saturdays from now on. But at least progressing on my resolutions for the year.
3. Managed to run almost every alternate day, at least 18km this week since 10km on sunday upcoming? This is really hard, because it's so cold that the natural thing to do is just nua in the house under the blankets in your fleecewear and to get changed into running clothes is already a feat by itself. I'm quite excited about sunday, but half regretting it because i didn't expect it to be so cold. Weather forecasts says highest degree is 10degrees I hope no super cold winds is good enough for me.
4. Only a few more weeks before I'll be back in tropical Singapore! We complain so much about the heat when we are in SG, but seriously, I would rather have a Singapore day over this killer coldness anyday.
5. Bought around 5 books at Kino's New Year 20% off Foreign books sales, at around S$7 per book!

I'm hooked on CSI / CSI:NY these days, CSI:Miami sucks, the police just looks like they aren't taking everything seriously. Signed up for cable TV and enjoying every minute of it :D at least there is something to occupy me when I'm home alone.

ok am superbly hungry... going to go home now..


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