Thursday, July 31, 2014

二千十三:Two years

bb turns 2!

The bulk of July I can remember is work.

Mum left on July 4th. It was kinda awkward, because we quarrelled so much the last few days.

Intensive reading in July, because I discovered the library books reservation system. And also, I was bored. Why would I have time to be bored you say... I have no idea. but I was mentally bored. very bored of having no human contact, having no social life, no one to really chit chat with and discuss rubbish with. Or I just missed going to the office. or something.

Bb discovered cicadas and I re-discovered online shopping. I think I bought a lot of clothes. Retail therapy and all sorts of reasons, but the short term high was so short I forgot about the clothes almost as soon as I paid for them. Which was good as a pleasant surprise when the clothes came in the mail.

Or maybe it wasn't work. July was quite a blank.

Just remembered Bb turned 2 in July. Hooray for me, and for her. I don't know if I want a second child. Seeing her play alone sometimes makes me feel guilty. But I don't know if I want to go back to square one of not being able to cope at work, losing all the freedom that's slowly coming back just to give her a sibling. and the finances. It's not that we'll be poor. but how will I work if I have to take care of 2 kids at the same time? They can probably entertain each other, but still.... I should stop thinking about this.

Bb knows her alphabets now, (most of them) she can pronounce most of them. Of course she can't form words yet, but it's a start. She seems to be catching on to Japanese numbers faster, maybe cos Ryo makes the effort to read poker cards to her.

I'm really a very lousy mum.. But what do you expect, after spending 24 hours with her daily, end of the day i just want to veg out and do my own things on my phone or read rather than do stuff with her.

Monday, June 30, 2014

二千十二:Mum in Japan

DSC_3369blog at Sumida aquarium, Tokyo Skytree

Mum came to stay for about a month and we had pretty good homecooked food, and lovely fatty rice dumplings (there's still about 4 more frozen in my fridge for rainy days) and a clean house, at least until mum fell sick with flu.

We took a short trip to Tokyo, but the weather was bad, everyone was feeling under the weather, it wasn't a very good trip.

The whole month was full of bad feelings, partly because BB was rejecting mum the whole month. Mum kept on saying "she wasn't like this in Singapore!" but I mean.. this is home ground, BB is quite a possessive and territorial creature. She shouted NO at everything mum did or handled, which I guess was quite tiring and made mum feel quite sad. Also, it meant that mum couldn't help much in looking after BB, and we all were quite angry with BB.

However, towards the end of the month, BB mellowed quite a bit, allowed mum to babysit her while we went to the Radwimps concert, and that's kind of all the couple time we had.

I guess some relationships are better kept distanced. I enjoy having my mum around, cos she's like a cleaning machine, and cooks, but we are all kinda subjected to her mood swings which is a super tiring affair. She criticises everything as well,  and doesn't really think about other people's feelings before commenting. Unless I can get out daily to recharge, I think it's inevitable that staying with her leads to quarrels almost all the time. She wants everything to be done her way, but this is my house! I know I'm a control freak, so maybe it's me. Anyway, mum's gone back to sg, a facetime relationship is better for both of us.

July will be a busy work month.. and BB's turning 2! I haven't had the slightest idea what to do for her birthday though.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

二千十一:New York New York!

Lego art exhibition at Discovery Times Square

We went to New York in May!

There was golden week earlier in the month, and we took a few days to just rest, and in the middle of the month, I visited XQ in NY with bb & my sis!

It was a very trying trip, due to bb becoming a terrible two soon, she was throwing tantrums all over the place, as well as the lack of babyfriendly elevators in the subways, high kerbs on the streets etc etc. But despite all the cons, I think we had fun, and we managed to cover at least 90% of our itinerary!

We went to a lego art exhibition, watched 2 Yankees games on the same day (due to some streak of luck because Friday's game was postponed to Sunday), saw Ichiro, went to most of the museums (loved MOMA), ate at a michelin 1star for lunch, ate a not so great hotdog, walked up and down upper east side, went to central park, met countless dogs, saw their sunday markets, walked across Brooklyn Bridge, saw the Statue of liberty from a distance, ate lots of burgers and steaks, took our touristy shots at Times Square, shopped at the outlet malls, survived the subway, talked to strangers, (or strangers talked to us).

There wasn't enough days to see everything in NY of course, so I guess we'll be back in future! When bb is older and doesn't need a pram anymore, we can do a proper girl's trip with all my sisters and bb! (although by then she wouldn't be bb anymore haha)

Friday, April 18, 2014

二千十:Updates Big & Small

I must apologise for the lack of updates. I do realise the more I put off updating the blog, the harder it is to recall what I wanted to blog about.

Let me just recap the events of this month first -
1. 13-April - Half marathon at Ashiya
The last race I did was the marathon in Tokyo and you would think a half marathon should be peanuts. It wasn't really, because the shorter the race, the faster you run. Ran a very fast 10km, quite surprised since I didn't train much really. But the race consisted of 2 loops of the same area, so it got boring after finishing 10km, and considerably slowed down. At least I ranked 1044/1222 participants overall. (majority are males)

2. Worked very hard to complete all the bb 1 year old photobooks. Did one on rakuten with the DSLR pictures, and did one on blurb with instagram pictures as well. If you are interested to get a copy, here it is:

3. This is UAT week actually, but this week has been quite relaxing, in the sense that I managed to complete most of my testing in the first few days and so, am able to enjoy today by bringing bb to the indoor playground. I miss going to the office alot, I miss my parents taking care of the bb, I miss the feeling like I was really properly working and not just slacking off work to look after the baby..

4. Forgot the most major event (because it was so tiring) - bb started school. Or should I say  - playgroup school. I opted for 2 times a week, but I realised it was more tiring for me, have to wake up early and take her there and fetch her back after 4 hours, transport time is taking up so much time! But, must perservere. It has been 3 sessions so far, and she is getting more and more used to it. (She cried alot the first day, and on the 3rd session, only cried like 3 minutes and stopped when I left). Hope things improve and she starts having more fun!

5. Looking forward to the short holiday to the Capcom Villa end of the month. I keep feeling like we haven't done a proper family vacation for ages! Maybe it's my own fault, since I was enjoying myself in Singapore for the first 2 months of this year.

Monday, March 31, 2014


I was thinking why I kept this on draft mode for so long (for March) & I realised March was just work and work.

We rented a car and went to the flower center some 50km away. It was a mistake to rent an electric car, because we had to stop & charge it every 1-2 hours?! and the charging stations are far and few in the sort of rural areas (mainly at service areas or nissan dealers.. ) so we took like 4-5 hours to reach the place, it was still early tulips blooming mainly and took another few hours to drive back.

Bought air tickets to go to New York with bb, in an attempt to do a last free travel for her before she turns two years old. Will be watching a yankees baseball match! (that's the main aim)

We bought a baby jogging stroller as well, it's been quite good so far, given that we have decided we want to jog abit more.

Spent a large part of this month trying to get ready bb's school stuff. I didn't know going to school in jp required so many things, either handmade or bought, and the name labelling! on EVERYTHING (even every stick of crayon) I guess it's an issue of whether to spend money to buy or to make, since everything can be bought somehow but didn't really seem worth it given the price I can make the items at.

Friday, February 28, 2014

二千〇八:Tokyo Marathon 2014

I completed the marathon!

After 6hr30min of torture, I completed the marathon! 
It actually felt great at first, the weather was freezing cold while we waiting at the start line, and it actually started snowing slightly, but once the race got to a start, it was quite a wonderful feeling to be going through all the lanes of Shinjuku with just the sea of runners. I didn't perspire for maybe the first 5km, and after that , maybe because I didn't train much, and also I did run slightly too fast at first, the back of my left knee started hurting and I think it was even a miracle I managed to keep running for 21km. "Mind over matter, mind over matter" was the only thing I tried to keep thinking, and it kinda worked for most of it, but when the pain worsened, and my perseverance kinda broke after 21km, I could only try to walk as quickly as I could and look forward to seeing my supporters along the way. I almost missed the cutoff for 35km, didn't realise I was walking too slowly and that the 30-35km cutoff times were so near, almost died after crossing it a minute before it closed. Felt so tired and in pain that I just stretched out there and sobbed uncontrollably while waiting for Ryo & bb to come by. Luckily it was 40 minutes to the next 38km point and I took a short rest to compose myself and walked on with another girl who was also caught in the same situation behind me. We became the last 2 pple in the race at that point.. until we caught up with more people walking at around 40km. phew. & finally made it to the end with about 5 minutes to spare. What a relief to finally reach the finish point and sit down after getting the medal and the bag. 
I couldn't walk properly that night, and was glad that Shuping came to the hotel and had a good catch up over my celebratory yakiniku dinner. I actually dozed off at about 9.30pm, and woke up at 11.30pm, didn't realise I was so tired. But still can't walk properly and I fell asleep at about past midnight again. The next day was much better, I could at least walk awkwardly slowly. 
I'm going to just take a rest from full marathons for a while, 2 in 4 months is just abit many for me and my next run will be a half marathon near my place in April. Go me! 

I've completed 3 marathons! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

二千〇七:CNY 2014

Lion dance performance in the office

I've been in sg for a month. & I don't want to leave!!

Mum has been babysitting bb for the whole month when I go to work and it's really so much better here than being alone at home, pulling my hair out trying to work and look after bb at the same time. This morning I even caught myself thinking if I have a 2nd child (like get pregnant now) the baby would be out by the end of the year. OMG! noooooooooo!! that would be totally the end of my freedom though.

We went to the zoo, bb loves the water park / playground.

We went to sentosa, bb enjoyed herself at the water playground and the beach, a little scared of waves in the sea.

We went on some playdates, discovered bb is a tyrant when it comes to toys. Even other people's toys.

& it's valentine's day today! I made 2 very simple cards, with chocolates for my team mates , and then sent a box of cupcakes to my sister in UK since she's alone w/o her hubby, (of cos she has to pay for it first, i'll just IOU her the cash for future use i guess) I hope she can actually finish the cupcakes though, they seem like alot for 1 person.

Tokyo marathon in a week. argh!!

Thursday, January 02, 2014

二千〇六:2014 Resolutions

bb helping me to think on new year's day. 

I was thinking what I wanted to achieve in 2014 and here's a list -
  1. Yoga everyday in 2014 - it doesn't have to be a full set daily, no pressure, but definitely want to try to put in time daily because I feel so inspired looking at photos of other people doing yoga and basically have become so unflexible that I almost am starting to feel angry at my body. This should help in my running as well?? Anyway, I'm logging my thoughts at http://yoga3652014.blogspot.jp/ if anyone is curious! 
  2. Running - Tokyo marathon is the first event (had such high hopes and its really hard to go running with bb and the festive season, and going to sg soon) so all I'm aiming for is to run more during the marathon and end with a slightly better time?? (><) Perhaps I'll try to join the smaller races in the year. I'm slightly interested in the Nagoya women's marathon, but that's just a maybe. I can maybe run more when bb starts school in April. 
  3. Travel - I want to go either France or Hawaii?? Or maybe just Taiwan or Hong Kong to pig out.. 
  4. Photography - Nowadays most of my shots are of bb. Which is actually quite difficult, since she moves about at the speed of lighting. I'll aim to improve my toddler photography with my cheapo camera! & perhaps do a 365day photobook at the end of the year! 
  5. Baking - Learn to bake something new every 3 weeks? (excluding travel months)
  6. Knitting/Crocheting/sewing - A pair of house socks for Ryo in time for the next winter at least, and to complete bb's little dress for this year's winter! ahahaha! and also... her baby stroller blanket in time for this winter as well.. 
  7. Parenting- try my best as an idle parent to help bb grow well! 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

二千〇五:2013 is ending!

Another draft post finally up.

 December was a lazy month, mainly trying to get over holidays in November and anticipating the Xmas & New year holidays and the trip to SG. Everytime a good friend or family comes and leaves, it kinda feels like a big gaping hole is opened in my heart. Maybe it's a bit exaggerated, but I think I will never ever get used to life here properly without my friends or family around. in JP, I just want to hide in the house, huge inertia to dress up and go out, and maybe because i have to do everything myself here?

 I don't know what I've achieved in 2013. 
1. Closure for alot of issues supposedly are still hanging in the air.
2. BB is one, and i registered her properly in a school is one good thing i've done i guess.
3. Ran one marathon (Kobe Marathon) with the guys in the same race and completed
4. turned 31.

 Hopefully 2014 sees more from me.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

二千〇四:Happy Achievements

Ok... I'm going to have to skip the October post first because I want to put down all November happenings before I forget.

1. The horrible work project that took my days from 17-Oct to 2-Nov is over! (Yes everyday - 15 hours/day)
2. 2 groups of friends visited me!
3. I completed the Kobe Marathon 2013!

after the race with Yuh Soon & Julius 

First - the marathon.
I was super nervous leading up to it, because I caught a cold the week before that while sightseeing and it was the kind of flu that had green mucus and headaches and almost coughs, and was still showing symptoms up to the day before. The hb caught it right before the marathon when he was supposed to help take care of the bb during the run and I was feeling quite stressed wondering if he would be able to look after bb during my run and if not what was I going to do!! Anyway.. I enjoyed a bbfree morning the day b4 that, we went to the expo to get our race packs and after that came back for lunch and dinner with the bb. I was feeling quite tired actually, since I was sick and I didn't get enough sleep the night before as well. I tried to go to bed at 11pm the night before the marathon but ended up bb didn't want to sleep until 2-3am and Ryo was finally awake to entertain her.

The morning of the marathon, I woke up quietly, got ready with the guys and sneaked out at around 7.30am. The best thing is that the marathon was pretty much just at my doorstep, and we had to go down early only for bad deposits and just stretch and wait around. I merged myself among the guys who were in group D (i'm group G) and started off with them. The first loo at the motomachi starbucks saved me, and after that it was just running until 18km and walking the rest of the way with a bit of up slope running here and there.

I'm slightly disappointed that I was slower than at the Osaka marathon - but then I thought - I barely trained for 2 months - and I still can walk after that - so .. at least I completed it! I'm really happy the guys came (I was all prepped to join myself because they said they weren't interested to join but signed up after, during the gold coast marathon season). PHEW! it was loads more fun because they were here, even if just for the moral support. & very happy to see bb & the supporters, with like 8km to go. it was probably the longest 8km ever!!! next up.. Tokyo Marathon in feb.. but this time i will be alone (T.T)

Next - all the sightseeing.
Umera & her family came before the marathon and Julius & Yuh Soon came after. Basically it was just eat eat eat all the way. BB was quite a terror, kept throwing tantrums and i got so tired handling her. But.. managed to find the onsen area in Kyoto, visited Arashiyama twice, stayed in Kyoto at 烏丸 for the first time in my life (now i can almost tell u the layout of the shops along 四条) and visited the 清水寺 at night for their autumn nights special openings. Legs are soooo tired, but the onsen was good for the marathon recovery just that all the sightseeing made me tired again ahahaha!

Finally - Work .
The horrible project made us work continuously 18 days straight, over the weekends as well, for Europe hours. Felt like I was going mad, having to manage bb and work over such stressful conditions with the problematic project. Of cos we survived it , is there anyway not to? Just that the work conditions were hellish... I foresee January to be similar again :( But at least this time i'll be in Sg..

It's been a happy november so far, with all the babysitters around and the Kobe marathon completed. and Xmas will be here soon! & I can also look forward to going to SG again in Jan and seeing all my friends soon!

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