Sunday, April 01, 2018

[2047] New Bear to our Family

Finally the whole ordeal of the pregnancy is over!

& the ordeal of having a newborn in the family begins. (T.T)

Towards the last 2-3 weeks of the pregnancy, somehow the weight of the baby or position was pressing on some nerves or ligaments and I was unable to walk without sharp pains in my left hip area, so in the end I couldn't enjoy the last few weeks much, and could only leave the house if someone provided a lift, drove me out for lunch or if I walked slowly to the shops downstairs with my sister in a very very slow and limping manner. So all we did was dabao food to eat at home, and watched netflix all day with feet propped up and looked after baby watermelon together. I'm super appreciative of friends who showed up in the last few weeks to bring me out to lunch or brought lunch to the house and ate together.

Finally - this is totally deja vu - on 28 March - everything felt extremely low in the tummy area, my walking had become a waddling gait, I just kept feeling like any minute it could happen. In the middle of the night I just suddenly woke up at around 3+ am to see some messages on my phone, was replying them when there was a suddenly weird round crampy feeling around my whole tummy area from front to back. It wasn't painful, just felt weird. I decided to just quickly put my things together just in case and waited to see if there was another cramp coming up. The previous time with bb I thought there would be time to shower but now I know things progress pretty fast so I had already taken a thorough shower that afternoon (due to just some gut feeling). I got changed and finally woke my parents up and my sister stayed home to watch the bigger bear. The contractions got worse and we reached the hospital at about 4+am. Unfortunately, somehow, there were no delivery rooms available!! I was stuck in the admission holding room with increasingly painful contractions for at least 1.5 hours with nurses coming in intermittently to check on me and get me to fill up forms and I was almost screaming into the wall with pain by the time a room was finally empty.

After that.. I had thought there was going to be epidural administered asap but I think I waited at least an hour more while they sorted out my report and blood tests etc. (it felt like an hour to me but maybe it was less).. Finally the doctor came and gave me the epidural, but the pain didn't subside until another 20-30 minutes later.. not sure if it's due to alot more pain this time or just the epidural not kicking in. However, when it did kick in, I finally could breathe alot easier and relax until around 10.30am when I started to feel pain through the epidural even though I was increasing the dosage every 10 minutes. The nurse finally said she was calling the doctor around then, and the doctor finally came in around 11am. hmm.. It was pretty quick, he kept pressing on my tummy to push the baby out (which hurt more than the birth itself) and the baby really emerged after about 15 minutes. It was quite painful surprisingly, (contraction-wise) because the previous time I didn't fell a thing. I think it is very likely due to aging.

Small bear says hi!

Big bear meets small bear

Again.... perhaps it's age, I felt very nauseous for almost half the day after the delivery. The previous time I was totally fine after I puked my guts out when the epidural wore off, but this time it didn't wear off until like late afternoon. & I didn't really want any visitors, just because I felt so tired. (maybe I grew more antisocial with age..) Slept abit, had some visitors who brought me a better dinner than the hospital food (what's with all the bland crap!!) and it was kinda lonely without Ryo there at night. Luckily the baby slept quietly mostly, and although I woke her up to feed every 2+ hours, the nurses helped change her diapers mostly and I was able to rest somewhat.

The next morning, we were all ready to be discharged but the process somehow took forever and I was only finally able to leave at 2.30pm.  & my freedom is gone once again for the next few years..


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