Thursday, February 22, 2018

[2046] Week 34

In the midst of  Week 34 and already feeling like this was a big mistake.

Do I really want another child? Do I really want to go through all the sleep deprivation again? Especially that I have discovered the wonderful feeling of sleeping in until 2pm nowadays, not sure if it's due to winter or the pregnancy fatigue.

The doctor said the baby is slightly bigger than average (for the number of weeks). According to theBump.com, it's supposed to be about 4.7pounds (2.13kg) but the baby was already 2.3kg a week ago. It's a good thing, bigger babies are definitely better than smaller babies, given the initial few days of starvation until breast milk comes about, but I'm feeling the strain -  aches in the pelvic area (SPD), sudden pains in the very heavy lower abdomen when I walk too fast (this happens alot because we always leave the house too late due to someone dillydallying).

I know I'm supposed to have gone through all these before, but I don't remember it being so tough or tiring. Is it just my modified memory or it's really old age catching up? Another piece of advice - do not schedule the pregnancy to end in the winter months. You have to buy layers to fit your growing body just for that few months and you can't really not buy anything because it's cold. I had to buy at least 5 sweaters 1-2sizes up and heattech pieces in L and a new larger coat because this winter is particularly brutal (and they feel like they are almost getting too small with 2 months to go because the tummy is blocking the buttons). So - only try to get pregnant from August and stop trying by February because your wardrobe is going to cost you alot of money!


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