Wednesday, January 04, 2017

[2040] Happy New Year!

門松 at our door to welcome 2017 

Flash forward - 2017 is suddenly here. 

2016 was a flurry of activities, and even the New Year holidays is at an end. (T.T) It's been a while since I totally didn't have to do any work, and for the past 8 days, we slept at past 3am every night watching tv, reading books, playing games on the phone, but tomorrow will be back to normal life, and dreading the LB project daily quota and rushing to finish the transcription work at the end of every week. (I'm not just doing nothing at home ok!) 

Maybe it's that jadedness of being in this country for too long, I didn't feel any excitement for the new year celebrations, instead, dreading the cold weather, the required gathering, the cold new year food (this Japanese in Singapore explains it well why the cold food thing irks me - http://www.sinlog.asia/entry/2016/01/01/163246), the crowds, etc. I came home and ate some instant noodles just to get some satisfaction for my tummy. I also was reminded of how much fun it was when my sis was actually here last new year when we would excitedly look at all the 福袋 together, so maybe it was just the lack of amiable companionship from family that made the festival alot more fun. (All I can look "forward" to at the gathering is the constant dishwashing I'm supposed to do after the meals, because I'm the most junior female in the family) I am tired of coming up with the annual new year cards plus they are a must, they are not fun to make, and I don't have any creative say over them as the cards go to the hb's bosses and colleagues mainly) The only good thing is the full time holiday of the hb and I could sleep late, wake late and not have to care about work for a while (ok.. already said that so it's clear how much I don't really like what I'm doing..) But overall, I'm just not a festival sort of person, the less trouble the better, so that's probably why I don't care much about Christmas, New Year, or any other festival. Everything is too overwhelmed by consumerism nowadays, so is there really any point to all the decorations and presents? As long as we spend the days with loved ones, every day is an important day and that's enough for me. 

 New Year resolutions - I realised I didn't set anything in 2015! The last post with any resolution was from 2014
And it's so weird to see stuff that actually managed to get fulfilled! (see pt 3 - I actually went to France because XQ invited me to her wedding!! how strange..) The rest of it, I don't think I did much.. but at least it wasn't a 100% miss. This year... hmmm 
1. Finish my crochet blanket. FINISH! (it's been in progress for 2 winters) 
2. Read more to bb, make sure she learns to read as well. 
3. Finish up K1 books in the house. FINISH!! (she has to be on par with her age group from Singapore)
4. Spend less - 2015 has been alot of shopping (in France especially) even though employment was unstable - I am now feeling very guilty. Made a last big purchase on 31-December of the new camera, so I cannot anyhow buy anything this year anymore unless absolutely necessary. 
5. No travel goals - because of pt 4 (see above) so I guess the SG trip will be the only trip planned for now. 
6. French - at least keep on using Duolingo to not forget words... Maybe I will be able to study for the tests if the LB job ends.. 

Happy 2017 everyone, have a great year ahead! 



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