Wednesday, December 31, 2014

二千十九:A Warm & Cold Xmas

bb had her first ever performance. It was pretty fabulous, for 2 years old, (ok proud mum rambling on) but you can see for yourself.

After that, it was the last day of school on 12-Dec and we had to take off all the xmas deco from bb's classroom after school. It was a relief for school to end, so that I could have a holiday and bring bb to Singapore and no more fighting in the mornings to wear clothes and get ready for school.

We spent xmas and new year's day in Singapore. There was a few gift exchanges, etc, but seriously I abhor all the consumerism. You always get left with some stuff you don't know what to do with, although the really good friends will know exactly what to get which doesn't lead to waste. I appreciate all the sentiments, and of cos stuff for bb is always welcome, but I appreciate you making time to spend with me even more. A good meal treat is more than sufficient as a gift for sure.

This year was mild, and of course her godpa barely had time to spare for her. I kind of understand why we are shunned aside, now that he's attached. Because we're not as rich I guess.. and going out with us holds no benefit for him, unfortunately. What a materialistic world. I don't understand how spending time with a good friend living overseas will take time away from meeting with someone you meet with on almost a daily basis. But at least I met up with more friends this time, instead of prioritising my time for someone who didn't really want to meet. I had a good rest (from bb) with mum taking care of bb daily, put on some weight with lots of good SG food, had a taste of more normal working life in the office. I'll see everyone in Feb again, which is definitely too soon, but feels like it can't come soon enough. Although I know more of what to be doing this time. Spend more time with people who really care.


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