Saturday, May 31, 2014

二千十一:New York New York!

Lego art exhibition at Discovery Times Square

We went to New York in May!

There was golden week earlier in the month, and we took a few days to just rest, and in the middle of the month, I visited XQ in NY with bb & my sis!

It was a very trying trip, due to bb becoming a terrible two soon, she was throwing tantrums all over the place, as well as the lack of babyfriendly elevators in the subways, high kerbs on the streets etc etc. But despite all the cons, I think we had fun, and we managed to cover at least 90% of our itinerary!

We went to a lego art exhibition, watched 2 Yankees games on the same day (due to some streak of luck because Friday's game was postponed to Sunday), saw Ichiro, went to most of the museums (loved MOMA), ate at a michelin 1star for lunch, ate a not so great hotdog, walked up and down upper east side, went to central park, met countless dogs, saw their sunday markets, walked across Brooklyn Bridge, saw the Statue of liberty from a distance, ate lots of burgers and steaks, took our touristy shots at Times Square, shopped at the outlet malls, survived the subway, talked to strangers, (or strangers talked to us).

There wasn't enough days to see everything in NY of course, so I guess we'll be back in future! When bb is older and doesn't need a pram anymore, we can do a proper girl's trip with all my sisters and bb! (although by then she wouldn't be bb anymore haha)


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