Monday, September 30, 2013

二千〇二:This is my September

bb picking up rocks under a tree

September! My favourite month of the year! is over..

& this post is quite late, apologies for the lack of updates. I blame work for this.

This year, I almost forgot about my own birthday, until Ryo asked me what I wanted for my present.  I had no idea, since I haven't been thinking about it, and the first thing that came to my mind was sleep. oops..

In the end, we went for a long long lunch at a French restaurant in the Kitano area, with the bb in the childcare room in the salon (paid 1050yen for 3 hours?) The MIL before that had offered something for my birthday, but ended up she scheduled a health check for that morning, so we just said never mind, and paid for the babysitting near our place instead. Didn't really understand why she would call in the evening at like 8pm to ask if the bb was going to her place still. 8pm.. we didn't even said we needed her help anymore, and calling at 8pm was kinda too late for anything to be done anyway.

Early September, we went to the Capcom Villa with Ryo's team, & had a bbq and bb enjoyed her time in the pool. Although the tankini she had received was still too big, she was quite good natured with almost everyone, & it was quite a tiring experience, with having to make sure she was ok instead of just relaxing.

Didn't do much else in Sept I think, there were 2 long wkends but we spent most of it resting, or avoiding the typhoons, so just did normal stuff like unpacking stuff, and I finally started training for the marathon. the first 2 runs almost killed me, even though it was only 6km... didn't realise how unfit i had become, but at least it got easier progressively.


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