Tuesday, January 01, 2013

千九百九十四:New Year Resolutions 2013 

bb says Happy New Year!

the 2012 resolutions : http://booboogal.blogspot.jp/2012/01/2012-resolutions.html
1. Read 80 books - fail / only managed 72 cos I started all the knitting.
2. Only be nice to people who deserved it - hmm I think I kinda managed this, I think I just shrugged off alot of stuff last year.
3. Detox my life - semi-successful, again this is a subjective resolution, so maybe shrugged off / ignored those toxic people in the end.
4. Appreciate my parents more - I think our relationship improved alot, mainly there is the baby, of course it was a difficult time during the end of pregnancy and the start of having a baby, but nowadays I just chat with my mum on the phone which is easier than shouting with each other face to face.
5. Be in Japan more. - I was in Sg in Jan, 1 week in Feb, June, July, August, Sep, Oct. ok.. that was half a year.. maybe fail this resolution
6. Finish French elementary - fail - I think I can forget about going to any classes with the bb from now on..

for the 2013 ones, took me quite a while to come up with stuff.
1. Read 50 books - cut down the number due to bb being around giving me less time to read, although now I feel that I might be able to read quite a bit since its harder to knit with the bb.
2. Get one of my dreams started. This is sorta just at it's beginning stage so might take quite a while still
3. Get through the year in 1 piece. Just hope to get through this year smoothly with bb in general I guess, no big dreams this year of major travel or achievements.


Blogger Irene said...

Good luck with your new year resolutions.I think it's a good idea to keep them downto earth and really try to fulfill them all!

2:55 am GMT+8  

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