Friday, November 30, 2012

千九百九十二: Autumn

autumn leaves

Ok this is a late post for November (I realised I hadn't posted anything after returning to Japan at all, partly cos I've been overwhelmed with the task of handling the bb alone).

What happened in November -
1. bb & mummy settled down back in Kobe
2. bb is now 4 months ++ old
3. bb is able to flip on her right side (she can't flip back, just makes alot of noise after flipping to get us to move her)

4. Highlight of the month was that Julius & Yuh Soon came over from 16th Nov to 26th Nov for the Osaka marathon and sightseeing. Stayed at my place, which was a big help to me, because the more hands to look after bb and I actually felt like I was saner despite all the sightseeing making my legs tired haha. bb loves company as well, Julius was very good with her, helping to change her diaper sometimes and keeping her quiet / playing with her when I had to attend calls, while Yuh Soon helped to carry her stuff in his bag.  Ryo was away the first week in NY also, which made it even more helpful that they were here. Just nice the autumn leaves were out as well, very beautiful scenery everywhere.

5. Quite stressed out by MIL in particular, whenever  I visit. I'm not the kind that goes around brimming with enthusiasm or how should I say this - i dunno how to handle people who tells the baby oh you are so cute 10 times in a row or continuously says to the baby "oh i wanted to see u so badly!" (erhhh?? hinting to me??) and then she sorta keeps on going on about it when we want to leave because we have errands to run and chores to do about how we seldom visit, the last time we visited was a month ago (which was totally not true! we visited her only like 2 weeks ago so I felt even more irritated at this trick to try to guilt trip us!) and her way of snatching the bb away the moment we let our guard down (yes I feel that she really is waiting for us to let our guard down so that she can carry the baby herself). I mean, why do you need to *snatch*, it's not like I don't let you carry, but the bb is mine, when she cries for me, all the more she just shakes her harder and that just makes her cry harder. same old issue, she keeps saying "is she hungry is she hungry" and I hate that, why are you implying that i don't feed bb enough. She's in the 75th percentile, don't even ask stupid questions! and then the hubby don't understand this, it's not that I want to keep bb away, but i really want time at home and not rush here and there at least 1 day. there are some things I can only do on weekends when he is around and sitting around for hours at the IL's place is not helping.

6. Knitted my first proper scarf all by myself and sent it to Frieda as her wedding gift. I hope she likes it, it was a mad rush because I had not much time and all the knitting was done on public transport when the bb was ok with me not carrying her.

the completed scarf

December - I think the year just flew by (maybe cos of bb) and I can't really think of any major events this month except I have to start making all the new year / xmas cards. Oh, & beginning my long leave, because working in the day with bb not sleeping is almost impossible now. We have to go buy a walker for her soon. Looking forward to Jan though - will see my sisters and some friends in London!


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