Friday, April 27, 2012

千九百八十二: Spring!

Grom in Firenze, Italy

The weather has finally turned warmer! But I blame myself for being lazy, even though it's almost bright & sunny everyday, I'm just filled with too much inertia to go out for even a walk. Ryo has been working late the whole of this week, which makes it even harder to go out by myself (just because I'm feeling too lazy to) and eating all meals alone is not fun. If there is only me in the house, I'm very lazy to cook something proper, and alot of meals seem to be leftovers from Ryo's breakfast (miso soup & rice) or instant noodles, or canned food. or sandwiches meaning bread with peanut butter or kaya. I lost 1kg easily this week, due to the lack of meat or the smaller than usual meals I guess (>.<)

It's Friday, which means it's almost the holidays :D Next week is Golden Week, with Public holidays on Monday, Thursday & Friday. There's a holiday in Singapore on Tuesday which means I also get to relax (& wake up at my own time) so effectively only Wednesday is a work day. Even though I have no plans for going anywhere, I'm just happy to have time to myself and not be stuck at home to the PC (again, it's just laziness, I can bring the laptop out to work but zzz, it's so hard to find seats at starbucks that have a power point). Ryo has to work most of the days though, which means I have to have my meals myself again bleahz ...  but maybe I'll think of something soon.

I feel like having an ice cream everyday, or should I say I've been eating an ice cream almost everyday, which explains the Grom picture. I feel like having Grom! Maybe I'll go have some Grom this weekend as well. I need to check if the chicken rice set at tea time at the Singapore food restaurant is really available. They should offer for lunch instead of teatime! What an irritating timeslot - 3-5pm, too late for lunch & too early for dinner.

Starting on a new project this week, which is really a headache with the piles of documentation to wade through. But at least I can't say I have no work to do. Although I'm just trying to finish up the crochet pouch in the meantime. It's taken me 6 months + (including the winter months where I just gave up on it because it was too cold to hold the crochet needle); maybe I can finally complete it in the coming month.

Will be going back to Singapore in June - looking very much forward to all the food & also the Jason Mraz concert!


Blogger P.I.G. said...

heee someone is craving for ice cream, and it's prob not you! =P

12:05 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

haha, maybe. but maybe i just want to eat dessert in general :p

8:47 am GMT+8  

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