Friday, March 09, 2012

千九百七十八:Tokyo 2012

Wedding couple at Meiji Shrine

2nd last day of a 16-day stay in Tokyo & I'm ready to go home!

It was a hectic 10 days last week when the guys came to Tokyo for the marathon, & all the sightseeing and running around took quite abit out of me. I'm a very lazy traveller, meaning I like to wake up late, I like to take my time to see the sights and slowly walk around and see the streets and shops, instead of trying to cover as many places as I can in a day so a very tight schedule is not for me since I get tired quite easily and I don't have that much energy to stay on my feet the whole day. Despite the lack of energy, I had enthusiasm, & I tried to be a good guide for them, (although I'm really a tourist in the Tokyo area myself) and I did enjoy myself 90% of the time. The horrible parts of the trip was the freezing weather, the lack of sunlight for most of it, the rain & the super cold winds. Which led to alot of shivering and keeping my head down and being unable to properly enjoy myself and take photos because my fingers / body were so cold. This week seems to be better, with 2 days about 15degrees, but rain the rest of the day. where is the sunshine!?

I'm glad I stayed an extra week, was able to catch up with other friends in Tokyo and just catch up with some rest. Also basically to go to the shops I want to go/eat the non-japanese food that I want to eat w/o feeling bad about dragging the Singaporeans to and wasting their precious travel time.

The new iPad has been announced & I'm quite tempted to get one. But I still actually can't find a need for it. I think Ryo has more of a need for it than me actually. Since I already have a Kindle, I won't be reading on the iPad except for magazine subscriptions (which I'm actually too stingy to take out except for Runner's world). If you are looking at the iPad on the train, everyone around u can see what you are looking at. hmmmm... maybe it's just the impulse of the moment, hopefully I will stop thinking about it.

I want to go Itoya tomorrow again (properly slowly walk around) before going back to Osaka. This is going to be a busy weekend!


Blogger Div :) said...

i love japanese culture and the kind of hair you people have are just fab .. love 'em ...:D

7:07 pm GMT+8  
Blogger P.I.G. said...

Why does the guy in the backgrd look like he's doing a yowayowa? hahaha!!!
Glad we met up and hear from u! =)

8:55 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

Shu Ping - I dunno! haha I only realised how prominent he looked after I posted this up :p
yeah, i'm glad we met up too!! hopefully I can make it to Tokyo again b4 I have to go back to SG in June.

7:16 am GMT+8  
Blogger merve said...

i like the way to travel. slowly walking around, shopping and mostly enjoying yourself.i think i am like you and not worry anymore about if i have energy enough to travel. have fun :)

5:54 am GMT+8  

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