Wednesday, November 09, 2011

千九百六十八:Happy Birthday!

Mont Blanc Chocolat Birthday Dessert

My hubby turned 40 last Friday. It sounds old! (><) But I tried to make it a good birthday, since almost every year I am not in Japan for his birthday, actually, trying to recall, I don't even think I've celebrated his birthday at all since 2005. Since we were in Tokyo, we went out for his favourite お好み焼 for dinner, & I surprised him  by producing the above when he came back to the room. I went up first because I had to pee (really!) while he went to 7-eleven, & that gave me the chance to prepare the dessert/cake and the candles. I went to buy the cake on the way back to the hotel after working at starbucks in the afternoon, luckily we were staying within walking distance from the department stores. (Odakyu has a very poor choice of confectionery compared to Hankyu, I realised.) Anyway, he was surprised & quite touched (I didn't wish him happy birthday in the morning because I had forgotten haha), so yay! Still sore he didn't do anything for me for my birthday, but too bad for me ...

Back at home since Monday, Ryo has gone to New York for work this morning. I have resolved to clean up the mess at home while he is away so that I can surprise him again when he is back. (& I really should clean up the study room which is overflowing with books.) I've managed to throw away tons of receipts, even from 2009. & have finally called the garbage center to remove the broken suitcase which Ryo was supposed to have done. Cannot depend on him to help with anything!! I have also decided to read a book a day (or a book every 2 days)  which is very hard when you are at home and there is so much other things you want to do. So far so good, I've read 7 (?) books since last week, on the train rides in Tokyo & back home. Ryo being away should give me the chance to read in bed before I sleep anyway.

It was a good trip, as 1day was a public holiday & we had the weekend + Friday dinner together. Usually when i'm in tokyo, I would be having dinner myself almost every day. Met up with some ex colleagues for lunch, leisurely worked in the afternoon (only 1 work day anyway) & met up with 2 NY girls for dinner on Sunday. It was so fun to girl talk while the JP husbands 诉苦 to each other. (^^)v Shopped a little, ate alot, on the whole it was quite a relaxing trip. It was the first time I took an afternoon flight home as well and I managed to catch a glimpse of Osaka Castle & Umeda Sky building from the air. It was amazing!

Feeling very fulfilled after the big cleanup today, shall go read & cook dinner (not at the same time) now. Ciao!


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