Friday, November 04, 2011

千九百六十七: Air Acrobatics

Blue Impulse - the Japanese air acrobatics pilots in their air display

I'm in Tokyo again, blogging from the Starbucks at 三井ビル in Shinjuku.  Had lunch with Maya & Mikey-san, & am now doing work here at least until the housekeeping is done in the hotel room (& also to give myself some fresh air).

Just got most of my work done, & am looking forward to the SG holiday on Monday (because I can OTOTw/o having to worry about my travelling time from Tokyo - Osaka.

We had quite a good time at 入間 (Iruma) airbase yesterday; they had an open house & there was an air display by the Japanese air acrobatics team Blue Impulse. They were pretty good! Although they weren't flying fighter jets like the Italian team Frecce Tricolori or the Singapore Black Knights, the stunts were similar & as usual, very breathtaking. The last display I had watched live was during the Singapore airshow in 1998, & it was so exciting! The difference this time is I have a DSLR (with only 200mm zoom but good enough for most of my shots) & the pictures are so much better :)

I'm back in the hotel now; the problem with working outdoors is that you always worry that you have not enough battery power to last. If you have to bring all the power cables, it kinda defeats the purpose of mobile work right? & my bag will then be very heavy.

Enjoying tokyo air so far, but wished I had brought jeans now.. is abit cold.. Looking fw to checking out the latest sg restaurant I discovered online tomorrow, & hopefully thai food tomorrow for dinner also! (^^)v


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