Monday, October 24, 2011


the 2nd Osaka GoChiSo Marathon on 23-Oct-2011

I joined the Osaka GoChiSo marathon yesterday with 2 friends from the run club! It was quite a fun run, basically along the run, we will pass through 商店街 (streets with shops) & they will offer us food & we can eat / drink & then continue running. The food is usually those representative type of foods from the shops around that area, like sushi, udon, snacks, fruits, bbq squid etc. & also we passed through some niche places of interests in Osaka that I didn't know about, like Diamond point (best view of sunset from Osaka harbour area) & the lowest mountain in Japan (天保山 see the word 山?!) hahaha! & the best part is actually the ferry ride across from the harbour to Universal Studios Japan's perimeter, I don't think any one has actually ran in a race that involves a boat ride! Good chance for us to take a breather; the weather was so warm yesterday. We went to get registered at 8am, and waited until 11am for the run to start :x then unluckily, they started people off in groups, so there are like around 20+ groups and we are group 19! :( so we only finally flagged off at 11.40am. By then, we were all famished, & the first food stop around 1.6km away was very very welcome with warabi mochi (chilled & super delicious!) and some tea. Although after that it got harder & harder to continue running cos of the food being digested & I just kept feeling the urge to burp.  I used the 4S to take photos, but the camera just sucked all the battery life out of the phone! I think I took only around 50  pictures, switched off wifi, all other apps, but the battery life was down to 50% at around 2pm from 100% in the morning, & around 80% when the race started. :(

Pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/alexxis/sets/72157627963020060/
& the best thing about using iPhone to take pictures is that all the pictures are Geotagged already! (see the little map beside each picture)

I had to abort the race at the halfway point, because I had a househunting meeting with the salesman at 3pm. (took us 2hours for 13km including all the eating) so when we reached a point where I could get to the train station, I made my escape. :X all the good food actually only came in after this point. Which kinda makes sense because near the end le, can eat more, can't possibly be eating udon at the start of the race. Sighz...

Anyway, we kinda made a decision on the apartment at Sannomiya!! yay! See the double standard of guys - he complains I want to get the first place I saw (which actually i think is really nice) but actually he just illogically wanted this place w/o checking much other places because he really likes it. (>.<) humph! I'm not super in love with this place, but I'm ok to live here (because it's new & we can still save up for the payment next year & we can still customize it) and I'm just very relieved we don't have to go around looking anymore. I don't like shopping around much for anything, seriously, if I see it & I like it, then I just get it, instead of giving myself reasons why I should shop around more.

So we are waiting for the housing loan initial review by the bank to go through then we can officially sign the contract for the house. woohoo!


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