Sunday, October 09, 2011

千九百五十七:About Cleaning up your Iphone

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I was reading this article about clearing apps & "cleaning up the apps" on the iPhones. The blogger said using folders made your Iphone is able to contain 12x more apps & after cleaning up (by moving them into folders & deleting: he only deleted around 120 apps), he still had 12 pages in the menu. How is that clearing the phone? From an IT standpoint, clearing means removing, & opening up more memory/storage in the phone. what's the use of having 16folders of 12 apps in maybe 11 pages? that is 11x16x12 = 2112 apps?  Do any of us use that many apps? If you log your app use for maybe a month, you will find that really all the apps you need and use are probably already in the first 2-4 pages already. While for the pages behind are games that I actually play like at least once a week. If you have 11pages of 16 folders, do you really know what's in where? Do you remember the app name to be able to search for them in the search screen? Even after clearing, he has 12pages left, 5 of which contain folders (5x16x12=960) which comes up to 960 apps still. Really? He uses 960 apps still? I think more cleaning up should be done (on the basis that he was writing a how to clean up article)

I have only 8 half-full folders in 9 pages & 5 pages of the menu are less than half covered (I like having the space for new downloads) - most apps I delete after 1-2 uses if I find that they are uninteresting or un-userfriendly. If I need to use them again, I can always download again- what's downloaded before stays in your Itunes account and you are not charged twice for the same app anyway. Everything is also backed up in your PC too. The only reason you might keep the app is there might have been data in the app, but again, if you haven't used the app in ages, you probably don't need the data anyway. Or copy them out somewhere before deleting.

Having only 16GB in my iPhone, storage space is a luxury. I also listen to podcasts & music & take lots of photographs, so removing unused apps is really dictated by necessity. But I guess if you do have 32GB, you should have the right to have more stuff in your phone, even though it is super messy for yourself. So although I don't really agree with the article's end results, the "clear everything not used in a month" is a good rule.

Anyway, I put in a preorder for the 64GB Iphone 4S.. I hope it comes on 14 Oct! I don't think I'll be increasing the number of apps though, I would be putting in more podcasts & taking lots of photos & videos :) Countdown to the new phone, 5 more days!

On a separate note, this is totally irking me. I wish people would stop linking the Iphone 4S = Iphone for Steve. It's named 4S because it was not changed from 4 in terms of looks (only an improvement functionality wise) as 3G became 3GS. Not because they knew Steve was going to die. Rumours about 4S came up far earlier in the year, not like it happened a day before / after Steve die, eg. - this article in July.  5 would be something that's radically different, as when 3GS became 4. So please stop saying this is for Steve & that is for Steve; Steve probably decided on the name himself - & being the demi-god of cool things, he probably wouldn't people to keep saying this lame line "for Steve" when it's just 4S.


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