Thursday, July 14, 2011

千九百四十九: Long time no blog

handmade kindle case of felt

I haven't been blogging for a while, and was actually still in the midst of writing about the GC trip but it was taking too long I thought I had better just do a intermittent write up of what I've been up to.

Got myself a Kindle after seeing my cousin's one, around USD139 b4 shipping it's so light & convenient! Have been reading alot more thanks to it, & handsewn myself a felt case for the Kindle (as above). pretty nice huh? :)

I went to Gold Coast for the GC Asics Half Marathon during the end of June and we went to sightsee. More of that in the next post (if i ever get to finish it). Anyway, here's my favourite picture of the trip:

The Sheep @ Paradise Country

they are so cute! but pretty stinky.

after i got back, it's back to work. Work is starting to get hectic this week & I was pretty nua / tired last week from the vacation so didn't do much except go for Run Club on Sunday. Finally unpacked my stuff & everything, finished watching most of my recordings from May til now, CSI, House, Bones, etc, and getting myself back to the working mood. (still not very in the mood but getting better) & also not much mood to run, which is a problem. Maybe I'll try cycling instead, just to do something tomorrow. Discovered a seaside park about 3km away from my place, it looks nicely big and quiet (a little too quiet in some parts, I was thinking what if i meet some robber/rapist and it caused me to speed up in my run) but then I wasn't feeling too well still until the day b4 so i need to get back being active soon.

Going to Taipei in Aug & Italy in September!! pretty excited about the upcoming trips :)


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