Friday, June 24, 2011

千九百四十八: The Lack of Discretion

I know I should be sleeping at this hour but I just came back from a dinner and I just have to get this off my chest!

I accidentally saw 2 people in the group who are married (to other people respectively and the lady has kids), holding hands under the table; the guy was also resting his hand on the girl's thigh etc. wtf!? I don't have a problem with you having an affair. I have a problem with you not bothering to hide it! It's one thing to be speaking about your wife and the next moment you are stroking the thigh of the girl next to you (am very glad i took the seat further away from this guy). At least have some discretion right! Tonight was the first time i met some of these people in real life, and having heard some things about you, i thought hey, nice story, even though he strayed once he finally met someone he was going to commit to (married 2x already) and now he's fondling the girl beside him?! Have some consideration for the people around you! I mean if we are openly knowing you 2 are having an affair ok, fine, act openly. But I was feeling kinda mad and disgusted after that I just felt my mood sour and couldn't look the 2 people in their eyes at all for the rest of the night for being so .. indiscreet. Does that mean that .. people who stray will always stray? That it's actually really part of their character that will never change?? that these people will always always be looking around for someone better for themselves?

Maybe this is really what the ugly world is like out there and I had thought i had experienced most of it already.


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