Monday, April 04, 2011

千九百四十三: 6 years

last place in the Yodogawa half marathon

Yesterday marked the start of the 7th year with Ryo. doesn't feel quite like 7 years (maybe cos half the time we are actually in different countries).

it's been a crazy few weeks in March -
1. been super busy with work, working until 3-4am for the past 2 weeks helping out on a project that finally launched on April 1st (kept thinking maybe its a April Fools' joke)
2. completed my first half marathon (came in last place cos the back of my knees started to hurt after 10km and then i walked 10km but at least i didn't give up!!) & 10km is super super super damn far to walk when your legs are in pain and u are dragging both feet.
3. made new friends at the Nike Run Club, everyone is so into running it's really quite motivating.

April is here, a quarter of the year is gone so quickly. in April - thinking whether to continue french classes since there's so much activity these 2 months including travelling here and there. trying to train up for the sundown marathon as well.. thinking now if I was mad to join...


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