Saturday, January 01, 2011

千九百三十四: 2011 Resolutions

2010's resolutions:http://booboogal.blogspot.com/2010/01/new-year-resolutions.html
Let's see how many i have achieved.

1. Run alot more. Working out at home do not help me get rid of fats on my thighs. - ran ran ran alot!
2. Find more time to myself & work less. Need to get a better work life balance, esp when working at home you lose track of time & just work work work until no night no day. I want to start doing more craft stuff, learn to bake / cook better food, and trying very hard to keep in touch with friends in SG.
*edit* resolution to knit/crochet a red & white checked muffler for myself this year at least. saw the girl in Nodame Catabile drama wear one and it looked so cute. - fail
3. In accordance to Keeping in Touch with friends in SG, i guess I overdid it for some people, so I'll try to keep less in touch with these people who feedbacked. - failed. will do this next year. how fast time flies, the same pple complained of too much contact again.
4. Keep in touch with Family more. - visited my sis / they are on watsapptoo
5. Save up money for D5000. Last i saw, it was 80000yen. Hopefully some waiting will drop it's price. - Bought D3000!
6. Clean up the house regularly instead of doing it during the yearly spring cleaning. - hmm FAIL!

now for 2011. I think i can make more concrete resolutions this year.
1. Running - 80km monthly, Run a half marathon by June, a Full marathon by end of the year.
2. Photography - Improve on skills with all lenses.
3. French - Take classes and get to finish book 1 of the text book.
4. Spend more time at home in JPN. seriously need to improve variety of food i can cook. & to try to wake up earlier...
5. Read /write more. & love myself alot more..


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