Wednesday, December 22, 2010

千九百三十二: Guam

Okie, holiday's over (i think?). but tomorrow is a public holiday in JP again. yay!

Guam had great weather for the most part, I managed to finish a book and 5 magazines and read another book halfway.. and ate so much beef (cos it's an US island after all) that I'm kinda off beef for the time being. I'm quite happy that i brought my running shoes cos this is the first time i've gone jogging when I travel, and it helps to deflect some of feeling fat from eating US -sized food portions for the whole week. I did gain 1 kg (luckily only 1kg) and went for a run immediately today to try to get used to running in the cold (it was very cold, the runny nose / winds almost killed me). We went on a half day tour on day 2 (i think, kinda lost track of time last week) then went to the beach / pool almost the rest of the whole trip daily. The beach was beautiful, clean and clear waters. But, I think the hotel was lacking service wise, or maybe I was too pampered by Conrad Bali, with their drinks service and towels, fruit platter brought to you the moment you sit down poolside.

All the rooms were oceanview (first time i actually stayed in a room that was full ocean view but the whole hotel was ocean view apparently) and managed to catch the sunset almost everyday. Meals were quite a problem, USD10 avg but that's at a food court which we had to wait 30 min for to go to, and if we wanted to eat nearer to the hotel, it was restaurants avg USD25 per person and the menu was the US food, steaks/ribs/burgers etc. Luckily we found a Din Tai Fung near the hotel (imagine that! no starbucks on the whole island of Guam but they have a Din Tai Fung!!) and it was pretty good to eat some Asian food at almost the same quality as it is in SG after a week of meat and potatoes.

Happy to be back in JP again after a week of not so good meals (i do miss the tropical weather though), now i have to start training for the upcoming run on 9-Jan. I don't know how I'm going to survive the cold weather running seriously. Wearing more than 1 layer is heavy but w/o a jacket the wind will really kill me. must train alot more...

My favourite picture from Guam - i don't know how to explain it but this picture looks like i'm a really tiny person in a giant's room.

Holiday photos here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/alexxis/sets/72157625515724521/with/5281906132/


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