Monday, December 13, 2010

千九百三十: Karma Pt 2


at the Mandai Orchid Gardens

I've finally packed around 90% of my stuff I think.

Feeling a little sad that the day to leave is finally here. So much has happened in the last few months, and I don't know if I have made the right decision but it's a decision that should have been made long ago and I intend to follow it through instead of hurting other people. I have decided to change my priorities and put it straight, friends should never come before family.

A little sad when I was at Jimmy's wedding because I don't know if this was really what he wants, but at least I hope it is and I wish him happiness for the future.

I have done so much these few months - a person whom I thought didn't know me said this to me earlier tonight. She said, whenever i'm back i am always so involved with everyone's activities, and she really admired me for it, that I actually make the effort to do everything with everyone even for however short a time. I try my best, but I hadn't thought about it that way. I realise that I do have a photo album for almost every weekend that I'm here, and I try not to let the days go wasted, and this is more so after I saw a quote in a magazine - that you can't choose the way you die, so why not choose the way you live? something to the gist of it.

I picked up a new sport this trip - golf - at least learnt how to swing the club and aim properly thanks to Yinnah, and once again I marvel at how so many things just happens "coincidentally" just when you least expect it.

1. I agreed to go to F1 even though I thought it would be hard to see anything through the barriers and last minute, my cousin offers me tickets for a Saturday night on pretty good seats!
2. I was thinking on what i should do about golf, as the lessons are really quite costly, when very much by coincidence, I took the time to meet Yinnah for tea and by accident, found out that she is quite the proficient player and can teach me.
3. I heard or learnt some information that made no sense to me at the time when I learn it but then suddenly after that someone comes along needing that information and I suddenly realised that was why I learnt it? a little far fetched but true..
4. The book I borrowed from the library turned out to be the book James was also reading at the same time. How odd, considering that it was a not so common photography book.
5. I had almost decided not to go to the marathon because it was just so early and I really didn't have a reason for going anymore, but I'm glad I went because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to catch up with Xinhuan who kept me company for almost 2 whole hours and we had a fun time chatting & playing with the camera.

There are more, that I can't remember right now.. but I am starting to think that there really is such thing as Karma & that what goes around comes around.

Hence - taking things easy - letting things go - always always always just smile and let go, in spite of anything mean others are doing to you, being kind to everyone, inc people u dislike, not bearing grudges etc.. all this will just be for your own wellbeing since nature will put everything in their rightful course for you. Plus not breaking promises made. I think that's the most important thing, because if other people are treated so lightly to you, that you can break your promises to them easily, you will just be treated as lightly a friend to them in return. makes sense?


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Why is everyone leaving? Its so sad...

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