Sunday, October 24, 2010

千九百二十: Nike City 10K Singapore

I completed my first race ever! :)


Joined the Nike City 10k with Julius / HW, and am happy that I managed to complete it with a personal best timing of about 59:28 (according to Runkeeper).


I think I probably could have done better if

- I didn't stop for a toilet break in between.
I was feeling super urgent around after 6km and was already contemplating going behind a banyan tree when I saw a indian temple coming up and I just decided that I had to be thick skinned because I just couldn't hold my bladder anymore and went up to ask if I could borrow the loo. Luckily, they were pretty kind and I managed to carry on w/o much mishaps after that.

- I can drink and run at the same time.
I finally decided that I should get a drink at the last water point, got a cup and managed to spill half of it on myself while trying to drink up something, and in the end I had to walk and drink.

But had a lot of fun anyway, kinda understand the adrenaline / the pushing your body to it's limits thing alot more now. And all i think about during the race was "overtake overtake", then towards the end it was just "finish finish" and the most focus comes about at the last km where you can't really think about anything because you are just trying to make your legs move.

Well, some lessons learnt for next run, hopefully next sunday i can improve my timing again at the GE Women's 10k run!

after the run .. all red and chubby....


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