Wednesday, September 29, 2010

千九百十七: Turned 28


Just turned 28.

Feeling a teensy bit blue.

I don't know if it's work blues or birthday blues or just the general blues about getting older or just the feeling of the blueness that a birthday has passed.

I just keep having the feeling that something is lacking. Not sure what is it, but i hope i find it soon. The feeling is almost driving me nuts.

I don't know why I just keep having this weird feeling in the pit of my tummy, like the world is going to collapse around me any moment soon.

I think I must learn to not get sentimental or attached to anything or anyone because it all becomes old when people find such attachment too close for comfort after alot of "I miss u"s when you are not around. Only when you are gone will people start to appreciate how much you mean to them but it's too late. How many chances do you give for people to find out how much they need you? It may be too late for anything to change. Or we are just trying to change things to be the way we wanted them to be but it's just not the same with all the extra hurt and spaces we forced in between over the years. Events that have happened don't just get erased from memory, how do we really forget anything or avoid living in the shadows of other people's past? Maybe we are all just too jaded and tired to face the truth for now.


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