Tuesday, June 22, 2010

千九百零八: Greed

It's time to do the 2nd wedding.

picking out which tiara I should borrow (in my mind thinking i probably won't borrow anything)

I'm wondering why I am putting myself through the torture of doing this again. and I am so mad at the stupid hotel.
1. They charge money for everything and this is like the worst - to change the table cloth of the main table to a coloured one, they want to charge 3000yen per piece for 4 pieces. - almost S$200 to RENT table clothes? how about i bring my own?! renting the accessories cost S$1.5k for the tiara / necklace / earrings - I am so going to just bring/borrow my own from SG. Per tiny bag of sweets as doorgifts is $15?! Do they think wedding couples are carrot heads?? and if that bag is $15 worth of candy, I won't complain, but the picture showed 2 tiny 10 cent coin type candies in a tiny bag. WTF?! Hand bouquet - $500 . They must think we are very stupid or all wedding couples are extremely rich???

2. For such a big hotel - they are telling they have no easel stand for the wedding portrait/ welcome sign. ???? they asked me to put the portrait on a chair. ???? - I am so going to buy my own easel stand as well.

I guess this comes down to the point that the hotels are too greedy. If they charge less they can earn some but this only leads to couples who don't want to spend so much money looking for alternatives instead.


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