Sunday, May 16, 2010

千八百九十九: Tokyo in May

Strawberry parfait at Takano Fruit Parlour

Had a great time at Tokyo meeting up with ex colleagues and current colleagues. At first was quite tired from SG, and a little regretting to have planned the trips so close to each other, but all was forgetten when we met up :)

We had mexican food and drinks on Monday, Tues Okinawa food with M, wednesday was just myself shopping a little / yakiniku Bento, Thurs M-san had 鰻 unagi & strawberry parfait for dessert. Friday was dinner with the MS pple, finally the end of a long work week. We had dinner at a organic vegetable based restaurant Flax, it was good but not filling enough. It made us drink alot to fill our stomachs though. Saturday was SG food day at Sin Tong Kee with Manami & Akane & Ryo. Realised that Ryo hasn't tried most hawker food before (because we always went to town area or ate at home).

back to work at home tomorrow. kinda relieved to be able to do nothing at all the whole day today :)


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