Thursday, April 08, 2010

千八百九十: 桜

Finally uploaded photos to flickr after renewing my account. every year i just delay the renewal of the pro acct by a month so that it will last a month more. hehe... abit ngeow, but no harm to anyone.

Sakura visit at 夙川公園,

the street stalls' food were delicious btw. although it was still freezingly cold with the wind.

plus a soccer game (first time ever in my life watching a live game at the pitch), Gamba Osaka vs SAFFC.

of course Osaka won the game against SAFFC.

bought a DSLR: Nikon D3000 dual lens kit because it was going on sale, then it ended up to be cheaper than Canon powershot G11 which was my first choice. Havent really taken it out yet, cos i havent been anywhere after getting the camera, but just by taking shots randomly of the scenery outside the house and in the house, the sharpness and focus just blows me away. :D

click on the pic to see it in its original size:

this was a cloudy day but the camera managed to take such a sharp pic and made everything look kinda toy like.

i love my new toy!


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