Sunday, March 28, 2010

千八百八十七: Sunny Day

Today was a sunny day.

But sorta spent half the day in the house trying to carry out some work & then mad rush to clean the house because A was coming to stay the weekend until she met her bf on Tue morning. Had to vacuum, fold clothes, tidy up.. while someone just complained of hunger & sat around watching TV & then napping after having the food. grrrrr... got a bit mad but as it was my fren who was coming, i couldn't say anything & just tried to do everything myself until he finally decided to wake up. :(

Ate KFC for dinner, first time I ate KFC in JP. It's nicer in sg somehow, although the skin tastes smoother in JP, but the drink is so small & the coleslaw has onions. (Yuck!) & am trying to find something to color my eyebrows because now i look so funny with brown hair & black brows...

Nara tomorrow.. hopefully the deers don't try to eat me.


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