Tuesday, March 02, 2010

千八百八十二: March

hmm how irritating. I went to get my boots during lunch & bought a jacket from Zara, and i didn't check properly & I just realised the back of it has a ballpen mark of about 5cm. The jacket is like light grey so it's really obvious & I've no choice but to go down & exchange it again later.

Finally figured out where the treasure map piece in DQ was referring to. I think the train is a very good place to figure things out; i was stuck on that map for a long time & finally today i just scanned through the A3 map & found what I was looking for.

Reading Catch-22 right now, it's quite funny, but not super engrossing like The End of Mr Y. But it hasn't made me want to just jump straight to the ending yet, so it's still alright. I think i read too much chick lit, & I always can't stand books without happy or definite endings. Books that leave things hanging in the air always make me feel very dissatisfied. I'm trying to resist buying books, because they'll just pile up & they're not cheap, wondering if there are any English book exchange groups in my area or book club. Must remember to look this up.


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