Monday, March 01, 2010

千八百八十一: Tsunami Warnings

Yesterday was quite exciting. First time in 17 years that JP issued an almost nationwide tsunami warning. Which I think was a good move despite all those idiots who kept saying stuff like "nothing happened! blah blah". Given the unpredictability of tsunamis & what happened in 2004, i would think it's better to be safe than sorry. if something had happened because the danger was underestimated, it would be terrible. the tsunami did come, but really slowly so it wasn't like the 2004 videos you see, where this humongous wave covered everything in its path. Rather, the water level rose by 1.2m in 10min and receded etc. 1m & many areas in northern japan was flooded to knee level. imagine if "something" had happened, some big ass wave had really come, it would really be disastrous.

Ryo left for London on work yesterday morning, and I had the whole day to myself. Actually have all the days to myself until thursday.. Went to the supermarket, went to the dry-cleaner's & then to my in-laws' place for dinner. it's abit awkward to be there by myself, but got sort stuck because Ryo didn't tell them he was going to be away & they had expected us to come for dinner on sunday.. so i was like ok i'll come then.. then ended up teaching my mom-in-law how to use MS Word.

Hooked on cafe world in Fb lately, it's such a tedious game ..

Will be going to the cemetery this sunday. It feels like she's on a long vacation and hasn't returned still.


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