Wednesday, February 24, 2010

千八百七十九: Figure Skating

Quite angry at the work laptop - it keeps going into sleep mode and not waking up. This has been happening at least once a day, but usually end of day, but today it happened like 3 times in the afternoon & i had to wait / do system check for like an hour to wake it up w/o problems again.

Figure skating ladies short program this afternoon. I must say, I had been quite skeptical about Mao Asada's ability to perform today, but after her performance, I actually had tears in my eyes. She had always been unable to perform under pressure for the past year, but today she finally overcame the barrier / the curse of the triple axel and executed a flawless performance & wowed the fans & the crowds. Although her score is still 2nd to the korean skater Kim Yu Na, I would say that she has a good chance of a gold medal (providing Kim fouls up tomorrow a little?) if she keeps up her wonderful performance tomorrow as well. Well done!!

trying to clear some space on my desk today, it has suddenly become so full of everything that I only have space to perch the laptop on it slightly. I want the space to do my crafts & to write! managed to clear a small little space, hopefully i keep the space clean.

I became a library member yesterday! apparently we can borrow 10 books for a period of 2 weeks and go to any library in Kobe City. The number of English books & the selection is quite limited though, trying to figure out which library has the most English books in Kobe :)


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