Thursday, February 18, 2010

千八百七十六: Snowboard HalfPipe

Finally my project is pretty much over, i'm quite happy that finally i can return to normal sleeping hours! the late 2 am meetings were quite frankly killing me even though I only started doing them after coming back from London because in London it was about 5pm when I had the meetings. I guess the thing i learnt was that no matter what project, it always end up that i'm doing everything myself to save the situation. but hopefully things will change the next time round!

I've been recording the Winter Olympics live events (since they start at 4/5am and end around 1+++ pm) to watch & the snowboard halfpipe event was really amazing this morning. I think I've watched Shaun White once (in Japan also; their TV has such good sports coverage!) in the X games, and he was really cool today! his first run in the finals already had the best score in the whole finals & his second run was just a perfunctory run since he had already won, and he managed to top himself with a new snowboarding trick he came up with! He got almost perfect score, and his performance was really amazing. A pity the Japan members didn't win any medals, their first run in the first round was great but they just sort of faltered after that. what a pity ..

went to the gym and had a good slow run for an hour, & I realised I had stupidly missed the class i wanted to join because I had mistook the time of the class to be 1 hour later (on Friday's timetable it's at 9pm while on Thurs' its at 8pm). grrr. so i ran & used the machines & took a very long shower at the gym before limping home. Don't know why, but the big toe on both my feet hurt. Hopefully I can sleep well tonight :)


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