Thursday, January 14, 2010

千八百七十: London

In London now!

Staying at my sister's place, today I went to St Paul's Cathedral & Westminster Abbey after working in the morning. Saw the London Eye & Big Ben as well. :)

It was snowing this morning, but stopped snowing when I went out & then started snowing in the evening when I reached Westminster. I thought I saw a snowflake & it's full six sided shape. A cute stranger hugged me on the street after failing to get me to donate to some Every Child cause (I said I was a tourist). A school girl asked me how to get to Mile's End & being a noob to the tube, I whipped out my tube map & helped her out. :) Heard the bells chime in Westminster Abbey & the Big Ben also chimed at 5.45pm. I ate a doughnut + a chocolate chip cookie for lunch - total cost being 1.03pounds. hehe, being very thrifty. Ate Thai food for dinner yesterday & Malaysian/Singaporean food for dinner today. hahaha.. it's what my sister wanted to eat, I won't complain.

Big Ben chiming at 5.45pm

The London Eye

sleepy already, I think i'm having jet lag.. good night! i think tomorrow I'll head to the Palace area for a look at the guards.


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