Friday, January 01, 2010

千八百六十五: New Year Resolutions

1. Run alot more. Working out at home do not help me get rid of fats on my thighs.
2. Find more time to myself & work less. Need to get a better work life balance, esp when working at home you lose track of time & just work work work until no night no day. I want to start doing more craft stuff, learn to bake / cook better food, and trying very hard to keep in touch with friends in SG.
*edit* resolution to knit/crochet a red & white checked muffler for myself this year at least. saw the girl in Nodame Catabile drama wear one and it looked so cute.
3. In accordance to Keeping in Touch with friends in SG, i guess I overdid it for some people, so I'll try to keep less in touch with these people who feedbacked.
4. Keep in touch with Family more.
5. Save up money for D5000. Last i saw, it was 80000yen. Hopefully some waiting will drop it's price.
6. Clean up the house regularly instead of doing it during the yearly spring cleaning.


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