Monday, December 07, 2009

千八百五十七: Autumn

Been stuck with work the past 2 weeks after coming back to Japan, finally managed to settle down a little. & to start getting thinner. everyone says I've become rounder. :S

trying to actively :
  • eat less carbo = rice?
  • exercise more - have set up wii and playing shape boxing and going gym regularly and run abit more.
  • eat more high fibre foods - cereal for breakfast (T.T)
  • eat alot more vegetables & less meat.

The actions worked a little, have lost 2 kg since I came back.. hopefully can attain my ideal weight soon? or at least lose the tummy. grrr

We went to kyoto to see autumn leaves yesterday and it seems like there aren't that many trees that turn yellow this year.

The autumn sky was really nice but it was quite cold at Arashiyama yesterday. The time was about 4.30pm and the sun was already setting. Ryo said that Kyoto is always colder than Osaka because it was located in a basin.

The autumn leaves at the train station were the best looking ones :P


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