Thursday, November 12, 2009

千八百五十三: Tokyo

was relieved to be home finally after a long week away.
But.. I'm back in SG this week until 28th Nov for work.

Was called back last minute last friday because one of the leads had to go back to his home country on a family emergency. :) Happy !!

managed to eat curry fish head for dinner last night, think mom will cook my fav salted veg duck soup this sunday.

tiring.. it was an ok flight yesterday, the airline helped me block the seat to empty out next to mine, most of the flight attendantss were courteous & helpful. I'll miss being a Star alliance gold member!!! hopefully more trips this year like this time so that i can try for gold again :S last chance to use the lounge this month!!

watched time traveler's wife on the plane.. cried buckets. kind of embarrassing, before that i was watching Ugly truth and laughing aloud. Rachel McAdams, her movies always make me cry!! like.. the notebook/ nicholas sparks stuff. (T.T) even the 2nd time i watched the ending i starting sobbing again. :(

back in office now, good to meet up with everyone again!


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