Sunday, October 11, 2009

千八百四十六: 秋

finally things are more back to normal.

Honeymoon is over, Xinhuan has gone home, new contract for job has been 98% settled - 2% being I haven't received the hardcopy to sign yet.

We went to Waikiki & Big Island in Hawaii for the honeymoon, the weather was pretty good. I didn't really like Waikiki though, reason being it's like Phuket, everything is so touristy & expensive, especially the food. I had visualised lounging by the beach all day, but then my time of the month came, it wasn't so fun anymore, i was grouchy and crampy, and we ended up going shopping alot. As long as there are shops, you would feel like going shopping or to look around. But, the beach / sea is really blue, and there are so many people. The best thing is you can go to the higher end restaurants wearing slips & shorts, no one will say anything haha.

Waikiki beachfront

We went to Big Island via Hawaiian Airlines on the 5th day, the flight was about 50 min including take off/landing time, shortest flight I've ever taken. Big Island is like almost all black (because of continuous lava flow, there isn't much greenery along the roads.

We stayed at Fairmont Orchid - they were having a 50% off special for their 50th anniversary which was great value because it was too expensive to stay there otherwise. They upgraded us to a executive suite room, (similar layout to the room I had for my wedding in Ritz Carlton, with the bedroom & living & bathroom & shower separate and 2 sinks) with Champagne. :) We went on the Volcano tour, the view was breathtaking. Caught 2 rainbows as well at the crater, Akaka falls, and saw a black sand beach. Lounged at the beach the whole morning only on the last day there, it was what I had wanted the whole trip.

Highway in Big Island - notice that both sides of the road has black soil

the tour guide said lying on the magma ground has healing/detoxifying effects

Akaka falls (442ft/134 metres tall)

Double rainbow at the crater rim trail

crater - the picture really doesn't do justice to the breathtaking & magnificence of this view in real life

black sand beach

Sea turtle up close - only after I took the picture did I realise I was supposed to be at least 4.5m away from it. oops...

Xinhuan came to visit but her kids were sick so she kinda rushed back by the 3rd day. :( was nice to have someone to talk to and shop around with & to catch up with her. I hope she enjoyed her stay, because I didn't feel like I was a very good hostess, mainly being tired from the honeymoon still.

Ryo bought me a pair of shoes yesterday:

Vans half sneakers

pretty cute :) I walked around in boots & my feet almost died - blisters on 4th toe of both feet after just one day. hmm. we watched カイジ (Kaiji) and it turned out to be a really exciting movie. It's adapted from a comic, you can read about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaiji_%28manga%29

Public Holiday on monday, can clean up the house & rest abit more.


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