Tuesday, August 04, 2009

千八百三十七: 不能説的秘密

hehe. open secret by now.

was sick and not working from last wed - friday, first time I really took sick leave throughout my work life at MS. doctor said Upper Respiratory Tract infection & gastric flu, guess this was the side effect of taking tamiflu. felt nauseous & had a bad headache everytime I looked at the PC so of course I didn't try to work..

finally back to work this week, so much stuff I been not touching that I had to do the dreaded effort forecast. finally it's done!!! but it really was a mess b4 i took charge of it, and you know if you take someone else' messy spreadsheet, you totally don't even feel like touching it. so was like half complaining about doing & really dreading opening this excel sheet everyday, finally just spent whole afternoon cleaning it up & thinking thru it doing it my way today, n boss took it as what he wanted. phew. actually ecstatic that this hated task has been completed, but too tired now to show much happiness :)

ok really sleepy now, tomorrow onwards many afterwork activities ahead :)


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