Friday, July 10, 2009

千八百三十二: Holiday

Will be taking a holiday for the next week.

yesterday, ugly side showed again.

(sorry xinhuan, i know you said don't blog unhappy stuff cos that will just imprint it forever in your memories but I really need to complain)

It was 1 am.
there was still laundry hanging out at the balcony.
As I was trying to pack still & he had finished & was surfing on the iphone, I asked him to get it. he said no, he wants to sleep le, even though we were not going to be in the house at least for the next week, he was going to just leave the clothes outside (mainly his underwear i would like to add). Which showed :
1. he didnt appreciate the effort of the laundry I had tried to clear in a hurry & took the time to hang up to dry such that if it rains or wat he don't care anyway.

I knew it was definitely going to rain so I decided to go take the clothes in myself at 1.30am. Took them in, maybe 4 pieces were his underwear. I asked him to just fold them and keep. he took them, and just threw them in the underwear drawer AFTER HE MaDE A BIG FUSS ABOUT HOW I DIDN'T FOLD HIS UNDERWEAR CORRECTLY THE PREVIOUS TIME. I asked him why he did that (the not folding) he said, cos I want to sleep already. I got super furious. SO WHY DID he make the big fuss about folding his clothes THE CORRECT WAY when I already made the effort to fold nicely even??! F#$%^&* so meaning the next time i can just dump his clothes in his drawer since he doesn't mind unfolded underwear? he mumbled in a self righteous tone, depends on situation... which showed again how selfish he was, he didnt care how late i needed to stay up clearing these things so that he can sleep earlier, instead of staying up a little to help clear housework so that we both can sleep earlier. After saying that, he went back to playing with his phone. for > 10 min which probably wouldn't take that long to fold his underwear. I was super buay song by then and just sarcastically said, " I thought you wanted to sleep?!" He pretended not to hear me.

Just glad no more housework for the next week. I hope sincerely that he is afraid that I will not be returning from singapore the next time i returns to SG. it sounds like a threat but believe me, if you are the one living with him, you would definitely want to do the same.


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