Thursday, June 18, 2009

千八百二十六: Burning out..

Haven't been blogging cos was busy with work & the wedding scrapbook.

making a scrapbook is pretty tedious. & I realised that without planning, the house could turn into a war zone with photos strewn all over the place and the tools, pencils, markers, paper, embossing powders, stamps.

Sick of work. very sick.

and the house is in such a mess because the husband don't bother to help clear up. even if he sees a mess.

& MIL & SIL (sister in law) is treating me like an IT helpdesk. MIL called me on the way out to dinner yesterday to ask me where is the underscore key on the keyboard. I told her I was outside and can't remember exactly. She refused to hang up. I had no choice but to walk around to see if there was any keyboard, and entered the place where they sold monthly train passes, walk very near to the counter to just steal a long glance & find the underscore key. (the staff looked at me weirdly of course). SIL called me during dinner to asked for help on blocking an adult site pop up that kept popping up. I tried to explain where the pop up blocker option was in IE, but she couldn't even understand where Internet options etc were.. so I said I'll check when I get home. :( I don't mind helping but I wished they would understand when I said I would check later and not expect immediate answers when I was outside. you could perhaps call your son if you expect immediate answers? Does my job means its less impt so that u can call on me any time to answer your questions immediately while you don't dare to call your son cos his work is more impt? I'm sure he can tell you where the underscore key is on the keyboard as much as anyone can, no need IT skill.

Dinner with Maya & Abe-san & Inoue san & Ryo at Maimon Oyster Bar & Charcoal Grill. Superb .. love to eat oysters :D think i ate 10. they drank like moet chandon champagne, piper champagne, redwine etc. quite abit.

ok I'll try to show the house's mess later.


Blogger Edwin said...

Isnt it odd for MIL and/or SIL to even ask you IT questions? Shouldnt they be more inclined to ask Ryo instead?

4:06 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

well. Ryo doesn't even pick up his phone during working hours.. so I guess of cos they are not inclined to ask him..

1:25 pm GMT+8  
Blogger xynn11 said...

i dunno if it's a common "son" thing or not, but my MIL also prefers to call me to ask where we are, want to join them for dinner etc that kind of mundane questions.until i stop picking up her calls so now she went back to calling kenneth haha! think they're trying to connect back to the son thu the wife, and also women tend to talk than men mah

10:12 am GMT+8  

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