Thursday, June 04, 2009

千八百十六: Aquos Shot

everytime i watch the japanese 花より男子, i always tear when poor Tsukushi  sees Doumyoji kiss Shigeru when Tsukushi finally had the courage to recreate the first date "恵比寿Garden Place, 時計広場、1時” the way he asked her out the first time.. :( even though it was a misunderstanding but I could really feel her heart breaking. ...(T.T) 

trying to convince Ryo to get me this phone : http://mb.softbank.jp/mb/product/3G/933sh/
If I get this, I can not buy a new camera (at least for the time being) since this phone camera is pretty gd (10MP) & my own camera seems to be working better nowadays when I start thinking of buying a new camera. :D but the phones are so expensive... nowadays the phone companies are subsidising less for phones, so users have to fork out extra like $30 over 26 months if they get a new phone (thats for new line / >2 years after last hp change) and they pay more if they changed their phone less than a year ago like $50 per month?! in the end the phone will cost about $500+ .... :(

Yoga class yesterday was the same as Monday's, just different teacher. I like this instructor better, she explained why we were doing the poses we did before we started, making things easier than the class on Monday. but it was easier yesterday, cos I did everything on Monday already :)


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