Friday, May 29, 2009

千八百十一: Randomness

ok I found the Polaroid two camera as my sis was mentioning:

I wonder if too high a picture quality spoils the fun of polaroid? after all it's because the polaroid is not that high quality such that a little bit of "warmth" remains in the picture, the old school feel of the pictures, and pimples, eyebags, dark circles & other flaws are not exposed in all the >10MP glory of digital cameras.

I drank too much caffeine in the form of coke & milk tea yesterday and was unable to sleep until about 5am. then had a 9am meeting, i was half dozing with the call on mute, luckily I didn't have to speak. after that got irritated with an idiot who wasted our whole week due to a system issue that wasn't working and he didn't even bother to send an email to inform. really really bad attitude on his part.

looking at scrapbook.com 's clearance sale section. I'm always so fascinated by tools/ die cutters etc. & this assorted box of ribbons is so pretty!

Maybe I'll be able to come up with reasons for buying some items :P


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