Friday, May 08, 2009

千八百零三: Visa

went to change my visa to a long stay visa (currently holding temporary visitor 90 days social pass) this morning. the immigration office is in Kobe Sannomiya, (三宮)

japan visas are so complicated.

there are visas, there are certificates of landing, certificate of eligibility etc etc. Super confusing. I almost applied for the certificate of eligibility when the lady at the counter said since I already entered on a tourist visa, i can just apply for a change of status. (time length shortened from 2-3 months wait to maybe a month.) great!!! was so worried about having to leave JP & restarting the application process ALL OVER AGAIN. I wished I had found the above site earlier though..

have to work thru the weekend again & going to be in Tokyo whole of next week :D pretty excited to be able to work in an office & see pple and go out to lunch again. hahaha


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