Monday, April 06, 2009

千七百九十六: dreams

been busy with packing over the weekend.

weekdays I don't really know what I was doing.

monday - 妖怪村同窓会
tuesday - gym ..
wednesday - dinner with Jackie, ruixian, junli at marutama
thursday - gym with 吉岡さん at cathay
friday - surprise ktv farewell party by jimmy, kelly, julius, marini, christine & hiroki. really touched by the gesture and really was not expecting it.
saturday - packing (finally getting started) and then watching shopaholics with my cousin after dinner at Ichiban sushi.

finally got a little stuff completed .. think i'm about 80% packed.

how come the weekend went by so fast.

had a very strange dream last night, about a fren just drawing a toy dagger against my arm for fun but it ended up in a real deep cut. in his panic, he cut me a little more on the fingers and the blood just kept flowing. I felt faint in the dream and had to sit down and he was holding me in his arms saying "are u ok are u ok"i just kinda nodded weakly but the blood didn't show any sign of stopping. woke up feeling very breathless & eyes hurting. wonder what this all means..


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