Saturday, March 21, 2009

千七百九十: the week..

hmm. nothing much i have been doing nowadays except work & trying to stop grieving.

went to Japan last thursday for the funeral & wake, it was so super sad, i think singapore funerals are too noisy for people to really grieve and cry, in japan it was the quiet kind with just the monk chanting and you really get in to the sadness of the whole thing. i dunno. it wasn't her in the coffin. but i would say she did managed to bring us and her different groups of friends from all over to come together and support each other in this difficult time. she did managed to introduce her family to me as well...

Went to Bintan last sunday with Marini & the girls to angsana spa. it was so good i fell asleep (again...) and woke up not knowing what happened between the leg massage & the end. -.-

Memorial service for Ayaka in singapore on wednesday. I tried to speak, managed to, but i don't know why my left hand was shaking so badly. :(


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