Saturday, February 28, 2009

千七百八十三: one week into marriage

Finally a breather.

this week was pretty hellish at work.

how about some late thoughts about the wedding.
Actual day photos here collated from friends

Saturday -
Had a bad start to the day - woke up around 8am, was ready to leave but parents delayed here and there and most of the helpers were at the hotel earlier than us. (T.T) and then quarreled in the car about my sister's shoes, which I thought didn't matter anymore, I just wanted to get through the day. got a bit mad at Ryo for not being able to just help check into the room first.

bridal suite number - 1516 for any one who wants to buy 4D?

Candy did my mom's make up, then me, Julius & Jimmy came to help out on time, everything seemed to be moving nicely. and i just tried to blank out my mind of any worries. xinhuan surprised me with the earrings which were really pretty. very touched actually, but cannot cry or tear cos i was doing makeup then :)

then finally it was time for the groom to come get me, he sang "I don't want to miss a thing" in a very off key tone (he said he didnt know what the lyrics were for until the chorus) and everyone had to help him along hahaha. He read the commandments that the girls had prepared for him, then he finally opened the door and passed me the bouquet and kissed me.

many of the guests were late, it started raining & they had to move the chairs into the indoor area, and alot of guests who didnt turn up didn't inform me (I thought this was the worst behaviour from "friends", was an sms so hard to send?) and I had to ask the JP to wait for a little while so that at least 90% of the guests could be there for the solemnisation.

was kinda nervous, when Ryo read his vows, i kinda teared (i dunno why i did, cos i had heard it the day before already) when I read my vows, it was half improvisation from my words and I don't know if it sounded childish. but I know after we exchanged rings in my head I was screaming "yay!!! finally!!"


I dunno if it was relief, but the rest of the afternoon went by in a blur, with the super funny performance the jp cos pple, my sorta long-winded speech and the games the girls prepared for us. dunno if it was memorable for the guests, but it was memorable for me :)

after the event, my parents hung around in the bridal suite and ryo didnt' want to come down. was feeling quite resentful at my parents for taking away our newlywed time together and then forcing us all to go dinner together until about 10pm. i think i fell asleep with my hair wet watching tv that night. (T.T)

Sunday -
woke up at 10, photoshoot with family for family portrait. taking away our newly wed time again!!! argh
mom had to quarrel with the shop pple and drag the whole thing to 1pm. kaoz. by the time I got back to Ritz, it was nearly time to check out. :(
moved all our stuff to Goodwood, also ran behind schedule abit, make up and hair done, tea ceremony at 6pm, most of the guests were late (again ..) . dinner finally got started at 8.20pm, the night went by in a blur as well.
2009 107

most complimented me on my dresses :D so happy!
end of the night, had no time to take photos & talk to more people :S
want to say i really appreciate all the help, all the attendance for both the events. :D

and mom had to spoil it by insisting i count the angbao finish first to let her bring back. until 1am???
really really not happy why she cannot let us enjoy our newly wed time together and just want to butt into everything. I fell asleep w/o even showering after eating the leftover wedding food. ...

Monday -
napped in the afternoon while ryo did his work. after that, went to make a new ic with the married name since ryo was around, then took his parents for dinner at esplanade. mom insisted on driving us all to airport and almost wanted us to eat with them again but i was like "NO... we ate already" ... luckily I had time to watch my one & ever only movie with Ryo in sg that evening (K-20, 20面相の怪人) . again, fell asleep while watching tv after going back and showering. ..

Tuesday -
went to Japan embassy to sort out how to get the Japanese marriage cert, turns out its one big mess and takes ALOT of time, so decided to get it settled in Japan. now we have to decide when I should go JP. went to shop around suntec in the afternoon, bought a new HDD so that i can pass mine to my sis, and ate waffles together. mom insisted on dinner together again, cutting short my alone time with him on his last day here, which really really did nothing to improve my mood. even at the airport, when saying gdbye to him at the gate, she hovered, practically standing behind me and when i was trying to speak to him, came up to ask him to let her hold his bag. i couldnt stand it and had to say "can't u see i'm speaking to him?! can we hv some time alone?! " and she sorta stomped away. Ryo didn't really dare to kiss me much or hug me properly with her evil eye glaring at us and i got really really buay song. ARGH!!!! & then he left. sighz.

work . so much to catch up. worked until late into the night for some project as the next day we would all be OOF for morale event.

woke up at 10.55am for a 11am lunch, rushed to wash up and join the team at Bugis for lunch. Minds cafe for some games then BBQ with COS team in evening. at night, was time for work again late into the night.

work with a deadline for 1pm (woke up at 10am) then went for a haircut in the afternoon, and watched Slumdog in the evening. erh. i don't know what to comment, or maybe I was too tired to appreciate the movie. to me it was a love story of a guy trying to save his childhood love from the bad side.. & I would not want to go India...

lunch with the girls then we watched Suspect X. (容疑者Xの献身)hmm , so late to singapore, it's already in DVD format. pretty good show, always enjoyed 推理 and 探偵 movies.

then met Hawx, was supposed to go southern ridge with him but it just kept raining heavier & heavier so we had to shop at vivo instead.
and candid shots of people at vivo. hehe.

Wedding related pics links here:
Bridal photoshoot : http://tinyurl.com/bz3wyb
Wedding Actual day (random photos from friends' cameras): http://tinyurl.com/d9ze5y
Actual day montage by our photographer Yong How: http://vimeo.com/3374130

tomorrow i have to clean up my room.. and get ready for the big move (T.T)


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Hey Jocelyn.

Hang in there for another month to be Ryo again. :)

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