Saturday, January 31, 2009

千七百七十四: First fitting

Had a great night with the NY girls at Movida.

had a lot of fun, they pushed me up on stage. but the emcee thought it was my birthday and then after that everyone tot it was my birthday and i had strangers coming up to me saying happy birthday. hmm

Saturday was at home finishing up the wedding favours. Calvin & his parents came for steamboat dinner.

1st fitting session yesterday.

since I don't want to dampen the surprise i will only show some pics w/o the whole dress. :P

Stomach flu hit me all of a sudden on Sunday at Jackie's house. was ok until suddenly just tummy really hurt and it became very bad pains & nausea. the girls had to help me downstairs. :( MC today, feel a little better now, but still abit of nausea.

work again tomorrow, less than 20 days to go. :S:S


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