Wednesday, January 28, 2009

千七百七十二: 貴人

super busy at work these 2 days so totally no CNY mood. this year's earnings from angbaos is really slim. economic crisis don't seem to hv anything to do with it, because the amounts in the red packets are still good, just overall, less red packets? not even $100 in total excluding the ones from my parents... sad..

finally managed to meet up with my cousin after sooo many years of being MIA because she is always out when we visit, this time she is home cos she just gave birth & was at home and gave me alot of tips for the wedding :) it's been so long since i chatted with her we just forgot the time and before long, already 11pm.. can't wait to see them again all at the wedding. i think despite my complaining, i'm glad to have the dinner, my auntie made a comment about how she was babysitting me when i was a kid at age 3 and now she's going to be seeing me get married. (T.T) I told her to cook more food next year cos i'm going to bring Ryo to eat and she happily said ok. sighz, she has gotten so thin over the years due to illness & old age and i feel really sad to see her looking so weak. hope she gets better now that she has a grandchild to take care of.

getting up early tmr to jog so hv to sleep now.


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